Belt Buckle

This is a Sterling Silver belt buckle for my brother Jim. It now bears the Christensen Family Crest. Another learning experience.


Paisley Baby

This is my first drum engraving for hire. Carlos Agureo is a collector and has been dreaming of this on a drum for a couple years. We spoke about it at the drum show in May 2018 and now it’s in his stash.


Nate Dawg is back in action.

I have the World Max Black over Brass shell snare drum engraved and assembled. I received the drum as a gift from my son and daughter in law, and have been waiting for some degree of proficiency to come before scratching it up.  This drum sounds as good as it looks. 


Nate Dawg Engraving

There are about 3 panels left on the black over brass snare drum shell. I have the patterns done. My working space is proving to be very nice. The new En-Set machine is a great helper.